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Data Communications in Humboldt County

The numerous commercial and residential zones within Humboldt County offer a wide array of data and communication technologies to suit the needs of you and your business. The County also seeks to keep current with the latest communication trends and advances by continuously taking part in pilot programs and feasibility studies.

The schools, hospital and most public buildings in Winnemucca are currently connected to fiber optic access points, utilizing connection speeds of approximately 100 mbps.  The fiber optic network in Winnemucca has room for many more users, which could be easily established through existing infrastructure.  Fiber optic connection, still among the best data technology available today, offers ultimate solution fora variety of commercial and organizational needs.

In addition to fiber optic access points, T1 line connections can be added to virtually any location.  Offering a data rate of 1.5 mbps, T1 lines provide an attractive communications solution to those requiring a consistently reliable connection that can easily handle high volume use.

Cable broadband is also available throughout the Winnemucca area, providing connection speeds upwards of 30 mbps.  Cable broadband networks can be established in most homes and businesses throughout the county, providing fast, affordable and reliable internet service to homes and small businesses.

Also available in Winnemucca are wireless satellite connections that can be established through local internet service providers.  This service provides a connection speed of about 1.5 mbps, utilizing a system of repeaters that receive  signals from satellites on top of Winnemucca Mountain.

Finally, DSL service can be easily established in most of Winnemucca.  This highly solid and reliable connection provides speeds of up to 10 mbps  and remains a suitable option for a variety of both home and residential applications.

Cable Broadband Provider:

CalNeva Broadband

Satellite Wireless Providers:
Performance Computing
The On-Ramp.Net

T1 Line Provider:
New Edge Networks

DSL Provider: