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The Governor’s Office of Economic Development administers a comprehensive package of incentives for new and expanding businesses that locate in Nevada.

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Sales & Use Tax Abatement

An abatement of sales & use tax on eligible machinery and equipment is available to businesses with operations consistent to Nevada’s state plan for economic diversification and development. Qualifying criteria include a commitment to doing business in Nevada, minimum job creation, employee health plans, and wage requirements.

Sales Tax Deferral

The state of Nevada offers a sales & use tax deferment program to qualified industries that
purchase specific types of capital equipment in excess of $100,000. Taxes can be deferred
interest-free for up to five years.

Modified Business (Payroll) Tax Abatement

Partial abatement from the payroll tax may be obtained by new and expanding businesses.
Statutory requirements, which must be met to qualify, include a minimum number of jobs
created, a minimum capital investment, and wage and employee health plan requirements. Taxes may be abated by 50 percent for 4 years.

Personal Property Tax Abatement

An abatement of personal property tax is available to new and expanding businesses. Qualifying criteria include a commitment to doing business in Nevada, minimum job creation, employee health plans, minimum capital investment, and wage requirements.

Property Tax Abatement For Recycling

Real and personal property tax abatement is available to qualified recycling businesses. At least
50 percent of the material or product must be recycled on site. Fifty percent of real and personal property tax can be abated for up to ten consecutive years. A commitment to stay in Nevada on behalf of the company is required as well as acknowledgment from local governmental entities.

Property Tax Exemptions

The following are exempt from property tax:

  • Inventories held for sale within Nevada;
  • All personal property stored, assembled or processed for interstate transit;
  • All raw materials and supplies utilized in the manufacturing process;
  • All real and personal property that qualifies and is used for the purpose of air and/or

water pollution control;

  • Others may be applicable depending on the company’s situation.

Renewable & Energy Storage Abatements

For those companies involved in the production of energy from renewable sources such as wind,
solar, and others, or a facility for the production of an energy storage device, there is a package
of abatements available including sales/use tax and property tax. This abatement is intended for
independent power providers.

Nevada Hub Zone Development

Sales and Use Tax and Personal Property Tax abatement is available to locating or expanding businesses in historically underutilized business zones and enterprise communities. Additional
incentives are possibly available to grocery stores and to businesses hiring dislocated workers.

Train Employees Now (Ten)

Nevada offers a customized job training program to qualified businesses that meet established
criteria. This program may be used prior to a plant opening and up to 90 days following.

Nevada Development Bonds

Nevada is authorized to use tax-exempt IDB’s to provide low interest financing of new
construction, improvements, rehabilitation, or redevelopment of qualified projects, which include manufacturing facilities and certain other projects organized under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Service code.

Technical & Support Services

The Procurement Outreach Program provides bid information and direct technical assistance to
businesses selling goods and services to the government.

Made in Nevada is the official State program to market Nevada’s manufacturers, artisans
and their products. The program provides workshops and networking opportunities.

For more information, visit the Nevada Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development: