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Winnemucca Airport Industrial Park

The Winnemucca airport industrial park is located 2.5 miles from Interstate 80 and 6.5 miles from downtown Winnemucca.  Currently home to a utility trailer manufacturer and welding fabrication facility, the industrial park has remaining properties available in 32, 10, or 5 acre parcels or re-parceled lots to meet a variety of needs.  This property is available at little to no cost to companies whose facilities meet the requirements of the city’s Airport Jobs Creation Policy. This location is ready for construction and is perfect for distribution or manufacturing endeavors needing to reach the Inter-mountain West and West Coast markets.

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Download the Winnemucca Airport Industrial Park Jobs Incentive Policy

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Download a full scale Winnemucca Airport Industrial Park Map (approximately 24″x36″)

City Develops Incentive Policy for Commercial Realtors

Working with the Humboldt Development Authority and the Airport Board, the City of Winnemucca has developed an incentive policy that will pay a commercial realtor up to $150,000 to bring the right clients to our industrial park. The incentive is based on the value of the parcel, the building capital investment, and the number of jobs created.

Download the Winnemucca Airport Industrial Park REAL ESTATE COMMISSION POLICY