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Data and Sources

Library of Available Data About Humboldt County and Winnemucca

General Information

Workforce and Demographic Overview

2010 Demographic Profile

Winnemucca Futures Scenario Planning Final Report

Humboldt County Linked Fact Sheet

Housing Needs Assessment, 07/2008

University of Nevada, Reno Center for Economic Development Reports

The Impact of the Local Health Care System on the Humboldt County Economy, 03/2009

Feasibility Assessment of Expansion of Harmony Manor Skilled Nursing Facility at Humboldt General, 10/2007

Kidney Dialysis Center Feasibility at Humboldt General Hospital, 02/2006

Socioeconomic Profile for Winnemucca and Humboldt County, 02/2004

Dimensions of Growth, Structure and Cyclical Change, 03/2001

Economic and Demographic Profile, 10/1999

Financial Trends and Indicators of Humboldt County, 05/1998

Development Potentials for Ft. McDermitt Reservation, 09/1997

Financial Feasibility Analysis of Alternative Potential Biomass Products, 06/1996

Taxable Sales Analysis, 10/1994

Economic Linkages in the Economy, 06/1993

Analysis of Socio-Economic Data and Trends for Comprehensive Economic Development in Humboldt County, March 2005

Part 1

Part 2: Changing Business Counts from 1998 to 2001

Part 3: Economic Base and Change

Part 4: Current and Future Employment, Output and Occupation Forecasts

Part 5: Additional Information

Part 6: Winnemucca and Humboldt County Study Area

Targeted Economic Development for Humboldt County, July 2001

Part 1: Analysis of Socio-Economic Data and Trends

Part 2: Screening of Economic Sectors

Part 3: Gaps and Disconnects

Information on the Community Business Matching Process