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Humboldt General Hospital

“We believe in being helpful
and caring for those in need.”
– Humboldt General Hospital

Our hospital is a community hospital dedicated to serve your family’s primary health care needs. Our mission is to provide quality health care, close to home, with commitment to individual dignity. Our vision is to meet individual needs by actively applying knowledge and resources to those needs, and by conducting their business with integrity and professionalism.

In the last 91 years we have built a wonderful facility, boasting modern medical equipment and an outstanding team of local physicians and medical staff. Consulting physicians are available to care for your special needs. Simply call HGH at 775-623-5222 and ask for a listing of available physicians.

On the web at: http://www.hghospital.ws/

Humboldt General Hospital Services:

Acute Care

The compassionate care patients receive from qualified staff is one of the reasons so many people come to HGH. They pride themselves in providing the patient with prompt, courteous care in every circumstance and believe that patients rights are of the highest priority. Their goal is to make you comfortable while you are recovering.

Pediatric Care

The pediatric unit at HGH is dedicated to making sure children are treated with big doses of happiness and tender care. They are able to meet many pediatric care needs, and strive to make your child’s hospital stay a healthy and happy one. They encourage parents to participate, even if it means spending the night with your child in their room.


The Obstetrics Department, by far the happiest department in the hospital, is busy at all hours of the day, bringing a little sunshine into the world for expectant moms and dads. Boasting brand new birthing rooms, fetal monitors, state-of-the art equipment, 24-hour operating rooms for emergency cesareans and a team of outstanding local physicians and nurses, it’s worth having your baby close to home. Childbirth education classes and follow up care are also an added bonus. By providing thoughtful, personal care they hope to make your experience a pleasant one.

Surgery Center

Humboldt General Hospital’s surgery center is a state-of-the art facility. It is equipped with an array of modern technology to assist physicians in performing the most delicate of procedures. The Surgery Center is used for in-patient and out-patient procedures such as: fiber optic scoping; cataract surgery; diagnostic testing; vascular surgery; abdominal surgery; podiatry; tonsillectomies and much more. A team of registered nurses that are specifically trained in surgery are on hand 24 hours a day, as well as a certified nurse anesthetist. All hold ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) certifications. The Surgery Center offers personal care while listening to your needs, and it’s nice when family can be close to help in your recovery.

Emergency Care

Emergency care is only minutes instead of hours away at HGH’s Emergency Room. The ER is fully equipped to care for any major trauma or life threatening cardiac problem. Certified Emergency Room physicians and nurses rotate coverage to prove quality care, close to home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The staff will try to make you as comfortable as possible while providing you the best care available.

Radiology Services

Humboldt General Hospital’s radiology department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of really great radiologists. When a doctor needs answers, they rely on HGH’s professional radiology team for x-rays and scanning – you can rely on them too.

Services available:

Cat Scans
Ultra Sound
Portable Xrays
O.R. C-arm

Laboratory Services

Have your doctor call Humboldt General Hospital to schedule your laboratory testing with them. It will certainly save the time and expenses of driving to Reno, or having to take a full day off of work. Humboldt General Hospital’s Laboratory is a full service, 24-hour facility with state-of-the-art analyzers and equipment. All of their staff are licensed by the State of Nevada and hold nationally recognized certifications. They are
also certified by the Health Care Financing Administration.

Other Testing Available:

Drug Screening
Lipid Testing
Coronary Risk Testing
Life-Style Assessment Testing

Pharmaceutical Services

There is a registered pharmacist available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for in-patient pharmaceutical needs. Patients can also rely on the pharmacy to review medication, assess drug interaction, and make helpful suggestions to improve patient care.

Respiratory Therapy

Two national and state registered respiratory therapists and three certified respiratory therapists are on staff to provide in-patient and out-patient respiratory therapy. Respiratory Therapy attends all major trauma, cardiopulmonary arrests, and any high risk deliveries at the hospital. They also provide oxygen therapy, ventilation therapy, electrocardiograms, pulmonary function tests, and a score of other procedures. You can also sign up for CPR training through the respiratory therapy department. Or, if you have respiratory problems, you can call and ask for more information or consult with your physician.


A nationally certified cardio graphic technician is on staff to assist in your cardiac rehabilitation. Echo cardiograms, cardiac stress testing, carotid doppler ultrasounds and venus and arterial ultrasounds are some of the tests available. The cardiovascular department can provide patient activated monitors which help physicians and technicians assess cardiac arrhythmias during your normal daily activities. Visiting cardiology groups, as well as local physicians, hold clinic in the cardiovascular department and utilize its many services.

Skilled Nursing Care

The skilled nursing facility offers a loving, caring, homelike environment with a full range of rehabilitation
services. Offering 24 hour nursing care, consulting dieticians,
physical therapy, IV therapy, social services, and activity programs,
the goal is to improve or optimize quality of life for patients.
Our nationally certified and licensed staff will make you or your
loved ones stay a pleasant and healthy one.

Volunteer Organizations

Ambulance Corps. – A team of outstanding emergency medical technicians provide emergency service to our community, 24 hours a day.

Humboldt Hospital Auxiliary – Serving Humboldt General Hospital since 1968, the Auxiliary provides a support in the hospital and acts as liaison between the hospital and the citizens of Humboldt County. Through the Poke ‘n’ Peek Thrift Store and other fund raising efforts, the Auxiliary has funded over one million dollars in medical equipment to the hospital.