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NV Energy Introduces Economic Incentives Program for New Nevada Customers

25 June 2014

At a meeting on Tuesday June 24th, NV Energy representatives introduced an economic incentives program that is aimed toward new customers in Nevada.

The goal of the program, according to economic development executive Jeff Brigger, is to attract new and expanding businesses to the area by providing discounts on their power needs.

The discounts will amount to nearly 16% of the total cost for power at the beginning of a five-year commitment, and will decrease slightly each year until the end of the agreement, when normal charges will commence.

Users must qualify for Nevada State Economic Development Incentives to qualify for NV Energy’s incentives program. Users must also have an energy load of at least 300KW, and to create new, primary jobs to qualify.

For more information on NV Energy’s Economic Development programs, take a look at their website.