Winnemucca, the Perfect Place for Your Business

Winnemucca, the Perfect Place for Your Business

Winnemucca offers all of the advantages of locating your business in Nevada, without all the hassles associated with an urban Nevada location. Located on Interstate 80 half way between Salt Lake City and San Francisco, also set astride two Union Pacific Railroad mainlines, we have high speed communications capabilities, the best general aviation airport in the state, a great workforce and many industrial capabilities.

Winnemucca is a great place to live and a great place to work. We’re a community of about 17,000 located in north central Nevada, in the heart of the Great Basin.

The local economy is largely supported by:

  • Gold Mining

  • Manufacturing

  • Ranching

  • Farming

  • Visitor Services

Of course, we are in Nevada, so gambling and gaming casino’s are also important contributors to the local economy. Some of the worlds largest gold mining companies operate both underground and large scale open pit mines in the area. These operations supply some of the best paying jobs in the state. Search Winnemucca Jobs

Many of the gold mines, manufacturing firms, casinos, motels & hotels, and restaurants operate on a 24/7 schedule, so many businesses and services are available anytime day or night.

Winnemucca is surrounded by vast unpopulated stretches of lands owned by the United States of America and administered by the Bureau of Land Management. This provides an opportunity for nearly unlimited access for exploring, sightseeing, hunting, fishing and any many other recreational opportunities.

The region has a mild high desert climate, 225 days of sunshine per year, warm days in the summer moderated by the cool summer nights. A good swamp cooler is all you’ll need during the day to stay cool, and in the evenings you can just open up your windows and enjoy the cool breeze. Winters are easy, with an average of only 53 days per year that the temperature drops below freezing.