Winnemucca Futures 2018

Thursday, January 18, 2018  –  Boys & Girls Club of Winnemucca

This year’s Winnemucca Futures was a great success, with over 100 community movers and shakers in attendance! Thank you to all our speakers, exhibitors, Boys & Girls Club, & everyone behind the scenes who worked so hard.

Click here for a great article on the event:  NEWS4NEVADA The future of Winnemucca

    • Dave Mendiola, Humboldt County Manager WebSite
    • Alicia Heiser, Winnemucca City Manager/Engineer WebSite
    • Art Frable, CEO Humboldt General Hospital  WebSite  WebSite
    • Andrew Sholty, Supt. of Operational Excellence Turquoise Ridge JV/Barrick Gold  WebSite
    • Mark Evatz, General Manager Phoenix/Newmont Mining  WebSite
    • Brian Korinek, Administration Manager, Marigold Mine/SSR Mining  WebSite
    • Debbie Stone, Executive Director Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce  WebSite
    • Terry Boyle, Board Member Humboldt County Convention and Visitors Authority  WebSite
    • Rhonda Coleman, Vice Chairman Rotary Club of Winnemucca  WebSite
    • Dawn Hagness, Assistant Superintendent Humboldt County School District  WebSite
    • Chad Peters, Executive Director Boys & Girls Club of Winnemucca  WebSite
    • Dr. Amber Donnelli, Dean Health Sciences & Human Svs, Great Basin College  WebSite
    • Fernando Lopez, Operations Manager, Diamond Plastics Company  WebSite
    • Mike Sheppard, President Michael Clay Corporation  WebSite
    • Scott Carriere, President Carwil, LLC   WebSite
    • Patrick Gray, President Humboldt Development Authority  WebSite
    • Sheldon Mudd, Exec Director Northeastern NV Regional Development Authority WebSite
    • Jan Morrison, Economic Development Officer, NNRDA  WebSite
  • Thumb drives of our new business development and outreach video “Humboldt County Open for Business”  were given to all attendees. If you need one, please contact Jan Morrison:
Thank you to our great exhibitors:
  • Nevada Job Connect  WebSite
  • Nevada Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation   WebSite
  • Winnemucca Convention & Visitors Authority  WebSite
  • Great Basin College  –  Winnemucca Campus  WebSite
  • Winnemucca Web Works   WebSite
  • Performance Computing/PC Internet  WebSite
  • Newmont Mining Corporation  WebSite
  • Nevada Outdoor School  WebSite
  • Diamond Plastics Company – Golconda  WebSite

For more information contact:
Jan Morrison, Economic Development Officer
Northeastern Nevada Regional Development Authority
90 West 4th Street, Winnemucca, NV 89445