Humboldt Development Authority

Humboldt County, Nevada

Humboldt County, Nevada brings a strong economic climate, ease of doing business and rare quality of life that is a perfect match for companies and entrepreneurs seeking access to one of the world’s largest mining markets as well as one of the West’s emerging high tech and energy hubs — Reno, NV.

The Humboldt Development Authority is your portal to the services and network of people that can make your re-location, or start up a profitable success.

Humboldt County offers buildable and entitled land with full sewer and water services, plus relocation incentives. The Winnemucca Airport Industrial Park is located just 2.5 miles from Interstate 80 and less than 2 hours from major high-tech companies like Tesla, Panasonic Apple, Google and Switch.

Humboldt County is proud of its versatile and skilled labor force that enjoys a friendly community, modern infrastructure and connectivity, numerous family amenities, and desirable quality of life.

Contact Michelle Hammond Allen, Economic Development Officer – For more information at 775.623-6036 or by Email: